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by DDR-DSH on 03 April 2010 - 11:04

Does anyone know or remember Kurt Mardi? Can anyone remember his kennel name? Whatever became of his dogs? I remember him from many years ago (early - mid 70's) as a member of San Gabriel Valley Schutzhund Club, one of the very first organized Schutzhund sport clubs in Southern California.

I remember Kurt as a very fine man who was passionately interested in the Groenendael, then called the Belgian Sheepdog. He was very proud of his dogs and they were good dogs. I remember a very nice male that he had, but cannot remember his name, offhand.

If anyone knows him, if he is still alive and active with his dogs, or has any good memories, I'd like to get an update. Thanks!


by DDR-DSH on 09 April 2010 - 04:04

Now, it's coming back, a little bit. I think his kennel name was "vom Siegestor". He knew a lot of people, back in the day.. He hung out a bit with people like Leo and Mildred Müller, who were pretty big people in the S. California SchH scene. I've still got some of the old magazines, somewhere. I have the second ever published Schutzhund USA magazine. Somewhere in those old magazines he'll have an ad.

Other names back in that day were Alfons and Krista Ertelt, Gunther and Phyllis Liedtke, Jean Claude Balu. Also Eric and Erna Renner, but they were not really involved in the Schutzhund sport. They were seeing eye dog people. There were lots of other people.. like John and Kay Koerner, Willi Ortner..

"Where are they, now?"

by desangbleu on 27 April 2010 - 01:04

Actually, it Kurt Marti.  He is just about out of dogs, as far as I know.  He moved down to Fallbrook area about five years ago, and I haven't seen him since he moved.  I think his sons may still be involved in the construction industry that he had.  I think he was building his own home in Fallbrook, and once it was finished he moved.  I can ask around a bit to see if anyone has heard from him in a while.  PG


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