Belgian Malinois Male for sale: Strong IGP3 Malinois for sale (id: 284327)

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Belgian Malinois - Male for sale

Strong IGP3 Malinois for sale

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Hardy is a very high level top competition IGP3 dog with very strong protection work and high drive obedience under maximum control. Hardy had high points in the IGP3 title and he was at 11th place at the Czech nationals 2020. Hardy is a son of Cyclone Olbramovický kvítek - competition IGP3 and police dog. He is born Dec.15. 2016, has DNA test, SDCA1 and SDCA2 test, officially evaluated x-rays and completely qualified for breeding. He has torn out two front small teeth from an accident which is only a cosmetic defect only (have x-ray of the teeth). Hardy is most suitable as a competition dog or for the breeding program. Feel free to contact me at All his papers and pictures and videos are on his profile at the link...

Strong IGP3 Malinois for sale


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