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by emoryg on 09 April 2020 - 16:04

Always happens when somebody else is recording.  Unfortunately, hacks are still teaching the tactical out as an ‘easy’ removal tool for getting the dog off the suspect.  Most of the time the only thing 'easy' about it, is the easy money the plaintiff’s lawyers collect from the department.  Makes for an ugly deposition when you're the handler.  Google search the phrase, police dog attorney.  They love these videos. 

More than likely the officer will be granted immunity, the department will eventually settle for an undisclosed sum and the dogs will be trained back to a recognized standard.


by Koots on 09 April 2020 - 19:04

Emoryg - I realize it's not cool to criticize a fellow K9 handler/LE, but in that situation, do you feel deployment of the dog was necessary? I saw the 'suspect' was in close proximity to several LEO's, at least 1 of which had a taser it appears.

Not meaning to cause sh!te, just wondering what you would have done in similar situation.    Posing an honest question about K9 deployment from someone who has volunteered and worked as quarry for 2 police departments.   I have discussed K9 deployment with the officers I was training with (long ago), but wanted to get your opinion.


by NatureDragon on 09 April 2020 - 19:04

The one screaming is irritating, I had to turn off the sound. And the dog was just doing his job right?, the dog was just helping to hold the guy I think the cops tased? Not all people who get tased stop moving and they can still kick, punch, bite, spit, ect.
I don't know police dog rules. Are police dogs supposed to have an out like a schutzhund dog is? If a dog is supposed to hold a criminal then what is the problem?

by xPyrotechnic on 09 April 2020 - 19:04

Nature Dragon the one screaming is 15 seeing her step fathers leg being chewed up surrouded by several officers, comepletely normal response. the dog shouldnt have been deployed as the suspect was already on the ground and was showing his hands were empty he was not a threat.

Unfortunately in my criminological studies this perfectly normal in the US becuase of the way police departments are run and the way police officers are recruited. In the UK Theresea May has created a new law making anyone who wants to be a police officer must be sound mentally and personality wise and have a degree in any subject at Uni or as the Americans say College. Which does not happen in the US its the same for the US army.

Look up Abu Ghraib Prison and tell me if the soldiers were mentally sound LE oifficers and Soldiers need to be tested. There was a US army veteran who became a LE officer and was fired for not shooting a suspect, in his defence he said teh suspect was not dangerous to anybody and was complaint but becuase he didnt kill him he got fired. Officers nowhere days are looking for excuses to exercise their powers


by emoryg on 09 April 2020 - 20:04

Koots, I have no problem calling a handler out for disrespecting the profession.  However, it’s really hard to put myself in the handler’s shoes without knowing all the information, both past and present.  Even then, he’s making a decision that I have the luxury of being able to set back and spend hours, days or weeks to decide what I would do.  I haven’t seen any bodycam footage to know what all transpired before the deployment.  For all I know, the guy could have been threatening to go get his AK and start mowing.  He may have threatened something like that in the past, or has a history of violence against LEO.  There are so many variables that have to be taken into consideration.  The video shows a number of other officers, at least one additional k-9 on scene and an aviation unit on station.  There’s a reason why that amount of resources is at the location.  I know why we loaded the scene with personnel and it wouldn’t be for breaking the social distancing guidelines. lol

In every case where I utilized the dog as means of force, I made that decision in a very fast and dynamic environment which required me to act in seconds, sometime less.  From what I can tell, this would have been no different.

As far as the dog not releasing, it is what it is.  


by Koots on 09 April 2020 - 20:04

Thanks for answering Emoryg. Yes, we have the luxury of time to examine the scene footage, etc and not have to make a split-second decision. The officer does not. I understand that he could have decided to release the dog just before the guy was taking off and tripped. All things aside, it does appear as though more 'out' training is needed, and that the 'suspect' will have a significant muscle injury.  Nice full grip though.  ;)

by ZweiGSD on 09 April 2020 - 22:04

Community briefing video from the Sonoma County Sheriff.  Has some bodycam footage.



by Rik on 09 April 2020 - 23:04

well, like they say, always 2 sides to every story. dumbest part is the guy appeared to be willing to comply and the girl friend was forcibly preventing him from doing so.

she single handedly escalated the situation to violence and I wonder if charges are brought against her.

still, just from a citizen standpoint, that's pretty poor training with the dog, who is considered a LEO.

I thought the officers all handled themselves very professionally for such a tense situation.

by NatureDragon on 09 April 2020 - 23:04

xPyrotechnic I thought it was an adult woman screaming, i didn't know it was his child. I understand if it was his child, that would be very traumatizing for a child to see.
I guess my eyes are bad I didn't know the dog was chewing(I thought he was just gripped holding on), that's why the suspect was saying he's eating my leg'
Like I said I have no idea the rules for a police dog in USA, but I thought they are allowed to bite whoever they are sent after.


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