German Shepherd Dog Stud Dog: SG, KKL Dezi vom Haus Stavo IGP3 (id: 283511)

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SG, KKL Dezi vom Haus Stavo IGP3

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BH, AD, SG, KKL, IPO3, IGP3 Dezi vom Haus Stavo at stud! Dezi is a world class male. Proven producer of health, temperament, and workability. Producing top quality puppies! His offspring are excelling in sport, police, pp, and active family homes. Dezi stamps his offspring with his looks, stable temperament, clear head, high drives, trainability, and huge grips. His accomplishments include 2019 WUSV #1 Team USA 1st place 2019 USCA WUSV Combined Qualification Trial 97-88-95 280 VG, 4th place 2018 USCA GSD National Championships 100-93-96 289 EX, 5th place 2020 MER Regionals. Dezi has also been featured on HBO’s Lovecraft Country! Top scores: IPO 1 98-97-95 290, IPO 2 99-93-99 291, IPO 3 100-93-96 289. Health tested and breed surveyed. Hips and Elbows normal, DM clear. ZW82. Videos can be viewed on Working-Dog .Located in Michigan. Frozen also available to ship. Call or text Gustavo for more information! (517) 980-0966

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SG, KKL Dezi vom Haus Stavo IGP3


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