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Main Re: Unknown dog with tatoo (for lioness 9918)marion5096116.4 years ago by marion >> (goto)
Main NEW TO THE SCHUTZHUND SPORTjbbrbx4949416.4 years ago by jbbrbx >> (goto)
Main SG6 Sämmo vom Team FiemereckBetoro5437416.4 years ago by Dawnmarei >> (goto)
Main HELP - Jettana/Jumba v. Ecknachtal Parentage?!VKH3757516.4 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main Mega Cega or dogs in US from Cega Kennelsvomschmetterling5055816.4 years ago by vomschmetterling >> (goto)
Main seizureszmeli6854716.4 years ago by DKiah >> (goto)
Main Hi! Can anybody please tell me where i can find the bszs 2004 result? Dogfans2962216.4 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main Australian, SA and USA Judges 4 IndiaJascanine3644216.4 years ago by HOWDEDO >> (goto)
Main Need info on Whisky Danischen HofMichelleG4144416.4 years ago by MichelleG >> (goto)
Main Owner of Baru vom haus Yu?Ivan6333316.4 years ago by Staudt-dk`s >> (goto)
Main Quentin KaranbergBetoro6461416.4 years ago by Natalia >> (goto)
Main sieger results - pages | 2| pastoralemao141831216.4 years ago by MichelleG >> (goto)
Main VA maleschaka9016616.4 years ago by Partyman1 >> (goto)
Main Any problem in bringing a dog from India to USA?HOWDEDO6901516.4 years ago by Big B >> (goto)
Main Official Results - pages | 2| cww132901716.4 years ago by chaka >> (goto)
Main Yak Frankengoldhexe7406716.4 years ago by hexe >> (goto)
Main Need help on SV registrationHucklebuck5746316.4 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main My Prediction for tommorow males top 20 - pages | 2| Draken99071516.4 years ago by Dawnmarei >> (goto)
Main Please explain mealexweb6600516.4 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main Once again Karat's Ulk for President!CarmenHK4285416.4 years ago by Alexis >> (goto)


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