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Main Importing - pages | 2| Hucklebuck277821316.3 years ago by Veritas >> (goto)
Main V1 Ulk vom Moorbeck SchH 3 KKL 1a normalPhilip Eramo6106116.3 years ago by Philip Eramo >> (goto)
Main Please Help with Info On this person who sell DOGSK-9 Helser5321316.3 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main 2-3 linebreeding on Rikkor Bad BollLeo6197316.3 years ago by Leo >> (goto)
Main THE WUSV SHOULD INVESTIGATE - VERY SOONsolo6717116.3 years ago by solo >> (goto)
Main WUSV MEETING - URGENT AGENDA ITEMsolo6794116.3 years ago by solo >> (goto)
Main FOTO URMA SIEGER BOOK - IMPRESSIONSsolo7394116.3 years ago by solo >> (goto)
Main Gappy QuestionVereinigte8984116.3 years ago by Vereinigte >> (goto)
Main German SiegerSue9633316.3 years ago by Lenny >> (goto)
Main TOP QUALITY website on sale!yago8016116.3 years ago by yago >> (goto)
Main Need Help Finding a Trainer in Germany - pages | 2| Cesna160871516.3 years ago by gsdpal2 >> (goto)
Main Ulm, Germany Sieger ShowCobus119133416.3 years ago by VKH >> (goto)
Main RE: CSV resultsgoldfinger9905216.3 years ago by goldfinger >> (goto)
Main Impressions of the Sieger Show - pages | 2| freundhund317511916.3 years ago by freundhund >> (goto)
Main Check out our War Dogs!ZVZW8651216.3 years ago by Diane >> (goto)
Main progeny groups question - pages | 2| Makosh170661216.3 years ago by kioanes >> (goto)
Main SV allowing Long coats enter in conformation now?! - pages | 2| 3| Brittany358802116.3 years ago by Makosh >> (goto)
Main Show DogsGARRY C. BAKER9754216.4 years ago by gsddebby >> (goto)
Main Conformation Handling Seminar - KYJanisNovak7869316.4 years ago by JanisNovak >> (goto)
Main improving bitework - pages | 2| oso192651116.5 years ago by Doomsayer >> (goto)


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