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by krazy_kilum on 03 April 2004 - 23:04

If you breed two sable dogs whose parents were all sable, do you think there is a chance of producing black and tan? I know that sable is dominate over black and tan which is dominate over black. It is just interesting in several sable x sable breeding I see either all sable pups or mostly sable pups with one or two black pups. Thanks! Heather Gray

by DKiah on 04 April 2004 - 00:04

I don't think you will ever see a B/T out of sable parents..... you get the all black pups because they carry the black recessive... My very first litter was a B/T (very dark) female to a red sable male, we had two red sable pups, 1 B/T and 1 B/R and she was deeply red..... Other theories?

Uber Land

by Uber Land on 04 April 2004 - 00:04

Sable to sable can produce blk/tans. Sb is a sable dog carrying blk/tan SS is a pure sable dog bb is a blk/tan if you bred a Sb to a Sb you will get Sb S SS Sb b Sb bb so out of a Sb - Sb breeding, the possiblities are 1 pure sable, 2 sable/blk/tan recessive, and a blk/tan puppy. now these are just figures and nothing to judge a breeding by. Just Mendelens Law(sp) that you learn in simple Biology class


by Diane on 04 April 2004 - 00:04

If two sables are bred that both carry no recessive color (SS), then the only color you will get in offspring will be sables. If an SS sable is bred to a sable carrying the recessive for black and tan (St), all of the pups will look sable, but 1 in 4 will carry the recessive black and tan. If you breed two sables who both carry the recessive for black and tan (St x St), then you will get 3 of 4 offspring that will look sable, but two of them will carry the recessive black and tan, and 1 of 4 pups will be black and tan. Of course this is all based on probabilities and doesn't always hold true in an individual litter. We just bred a sable (St) to a black and tan. The probabilities for the offspring were: half the litter would appear sable and half would appear black and tan (all sables would carry the recessive black and tan). We had a litter of 10 pups, and there are 4 sables and 6 black and tans. Hope this answers your question.

by krazy_kilum on 04 April 2004 - 01:04

Prior to breeding two sable dogs, is there a way to determine if a dog is SS or Sb? Heather

by gsddebby on 04 April 2004 - 03:04

2 sable parents can and do produce b+t offspring! The earlier advice is correct as to whether the parents carry b+t or are "homoginous" for sable. You can not tell reliabley until they are bred on a regular basis, to only sables. But...their heritage will give you the odds of what they will produce. You can look up the pedigree of my pup, Carly Kreiger Tollhaus, who is a b+t from 2 sable parents. There were 9 in the litter and only 2 or maybe 3 were sable!!! You can see in the background how many b+t's there are on both sides. As stated above...looking at their backgrounds will give you some idea as to what to expect, but nothing is forsure. Debby

by DKiah on 04 April 2004 - 04:04

How interesting, learn something new everyday!! Thanks for all the info...

by Eifenhaus on 04 April 2004 - 16:04

What happens if you breed a rich Blk/red to a blk/tan. Where does the black/red come into the making of colour??? Do you always have to breed 2 blk/reds to obtain blk/red puppies ??

by JanisNovak on 05 April 2004 - 01:04

Do you always have to breed 2 blk/reds to obtain blk/red puppies ?? Tan and red are, I believe, on the same spectrum. What you need for the red, as much as at least one red parent, is deep pigmentation. We've bred less red moms to an extremely black/red male and ended up covering the gamut of black/tan through black/red. Two black/red parents with GOOD pigmentation will generally result in similar offspring from a practical and purely anecdotal view. I'll leave it up to the geneticists to give you the breakdown on possible colorings! JDN - US

by krazy_kilum on 05 April 2004 - 04:04

I know a sable bitch who was bred to a black dog. The pups produced were either sable or black. So know we know the bitch is sable carrying black recessive. If this same bitch is bred to a b/t dog, should we expect all sable pups? Can a bitch/dog carry more than one recessive? Thanks! Heather Gray


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