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by JanisNovak on 20 August 2004 - 03:08

Hello, Mandy! Looking forward to seeing you at the Sieger Show. JDN - US


by Dog1 on 20 August 2004 - 04:08


by elizabeth on 20 August 2004 - 04:08

Solo, why should I join the SV if I am from the United States or any other country? If I am a member of the USCA and/or the WDA, and have registrations through the AKC/and or Foreign Countries and trial or show within those organizations, shouldn't that be enough? In a previously mentioned conversation, I found out that if a person joins the SV, that they MUST PUT A CANCELLATION IN WRITING TO THE SV IF THEY DECIDE NOT TO CONTINUE WITH THEIR MEMBERSHIP. If you do not do this (even if you think that by simply not renewing it is clear), a year or two later, the SV will hold any papers submitted through any US or Foreign organization on your dog until you pay them what they then consider "past due" memberships. I could not believe this. Upon hearing of this news, I personally would NOT advise anyone from any country with active organizations of their own, to join the SV unless you understand that they will hold your papers unless you comply with their rules (and like it or not, if you want your papers certified, they hold all the cards).


by Dog1 on 20 August 2004 - 05:08

Not only do they hold the cards, they started the breed and are still in control of it. Just think when you show/trial/koer your dog, you hand them the original papers. What happens if your dog goes for his breed survey, is missing a tooth, doesn't engage and bites the judge? Foo Foo is a pet forever. If you want to show/trial/survey in Germany you need to be a member. There are stil some things you can do with the SV that enhances your enjoyment with the breed. One is their SV Magazine. It contains lots of interesting articles and information if you can read German, those that don't like me, can look at pictures and imagine what great things the articles say. This may be better than the article itself. The shows are listed if you have a dog competing. There's a classified section if you want German stuff too. The December issue is worth the membership. Sieger show results. It's an inexpensive Urma book. Comes out before the Urma book too.

by gsdpal2 on 20 August 2004 - 05:08

I too have had an "experience" with said trainer. My partner and I have a bitch that was purchased from one of the trainer's bitch's litters. We only found out after we were having a difficult time training our pup that her mother was difficult as well. My partner asked for very specific things from a pup. We wanted a potential brood bitch, but more importantly, we wanted a good thick boned female with good feet that would have some grit to her. Tasha has absolutely no desire for bitework beyond play sessions with her family. She does not give the decoy the time of day. Her feet are bad, and she is fine-boned. She makes for an excellent therapy and service dog, but she is not what we wanted. We did get the papers though. After asking the trainer about the lack of desire in Tasha, we were told that we ruined the dog. My partner has been a trainer of duel-purpose police and personal protection dogs for over 20 years, and she knows how not to break a dog down. I was very disappointed in this experience even though I have a fine companion and possible brood bitch (she has rock solid nerves). Bottom line is that she is not what we asked for, and then the breeder/trainer puts the blame on us!


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