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by K-9 Helser on 23 August 2004 - 15:08

Hello, I have got some e-mails from a person in Hungary to help sell dogs for her. She uses the name Eva but yet to give me her last name. she uses the E- mail of and I need to know if anyone has sent her money to buy dogs from her and what was the out come, I have been Importing dogs for the last 8 years but I am always looking at new people to buy from. I am not saying she is a scam just need info for my pace of mined if I do send her money for the dogs Will I get the dog that I asked for or will I just fallen in to a trap af lossing my money? Please help Me and I do know she post dogs on here to sell as well so I thought I would ask you all to see if you have eaver delt with Her or know of her GOOD OR BAD will help Me out. Also have you ever herd of Jozsef Revesz HUNGARY Anita Szitas HUNGARY Szitasa BT. Hungary Jozsef Revesz HUNGARY Thank you for all info and Help Tim

by K-9 Helser on 23 August 2004 - 15:08

Sorry forgot e-mail if you allwould like to dend me info


by VKH on 23 August 2004 - 19:08 (BRUNNEN) has previously posted the following e-mail addresses as means to get in touch with her in the Marketplace section of this Site!


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