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by Petros on 23 August 2004 - 20:08

Hucklebuck, You have read all comments I suppose. My opinion is not to trouble yourself and do business with a person that makes you wonder right from the beginning. Simply ignore him and move further....

by Blitzen on 23 August 2004 - 21:08

Better yet, BUY AMERICAN!! I am running for cover now LOL.

by Veritas on 23 August 2004 - 21:08

Hucklebuck, The requirements are 8 weeks with health certificate. This is not an airline requirement but a requirement of U.S. Department of Agriculture's Veterinary Services. I am in Florida, and have run into the temperature issue, so they are steering you correctly about the shipping. This time of year you have to be aware of the temperatures and how that may affect you and bringing in a dog / puppy. please see the below information from Delta Airlines Health Requirements Health Certificate A health certificate is required when shipping your pet as air cargo. While Delta does not require a health certificate for carried-on or checked pets, upon arrival, the certificate may be required by the state. For clarification, please call your veterinarian or see the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Veterinary Services. The certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of transport. The certificate must contain: the shipper's name and address. any tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal. the age of the animal being shipped (USDA regulations require animals be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before traveling). a statement that the animal is in good health. a list of administered inoculations, when applicable. The signature of the veterinarian. The date of the certificate. If the shipper knows that the pet is pregnant, it must be noted on the health certificate. Best regards on finding and getting your puppy, Veritas


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