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by freundhund on 08 September 2003 - 04:09

Hi To all those lucky enough to go to the Sieger show could you post some comments for those stuck at home on your opinions of dogs you saw, atmosphere, goodies for sale, nos of ring what you liked and didn't like about judging and schutzenhund work and any other bits of information. Is it possible to post candid photos so we know what we missed. (So jealous) I"m not after argument just personal opinion, as what one person likes is not necessary what another person likes. How were animals that were sable in colour received after Messler's comment about bringing the colour back. For those that posted the results before the SV thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

by Martin on 08 September 2003 - 06:09

Actually there were not many sable dogs in the working rings. Champ didn't move up but actually lost 2 places (if you count the 11 VAs) The stadion was small, it was the smallest stadion to hold a Sieger Schau ever ... :) But it's ok. The stands were ok, but I must say, I've seen better variety in other big shows like CACIB, but they had LOTS more space to put up stands. They run out of stuff that I needed very fast, and the guy selling it was really rude about it, he said I "should have bothered earlier, it ALWAYS goes away very fast bla bla bla", I told him "a good business man knowing that would have brought LOTS more of those items, and he's probably not very good at what he's doing" I didn't want to buy there after that. :) They were announcements over the stadion looking for a person (idiot) who left his highly pregmant dog in the car, and she started giving birth. They were looking for him for an hour, she had 4 pups by then :) The helpers were "hard", they shook that stick very hard, really trying to scare the dogs (though I've seen some relief with top dogs, I must admit) The helpers are not so vigorous with their sticks in ordinary trial here :) Unless it's a working trial of course. I didn't like the fact that the judge was so lenient when it came to "ablassen". Some handlers were allowed to shout "aus" 5-6 times, and then wait till the dog "falls off" the sleeve. That wasn't proper letting out, but they passed. It was weird to see that with all this Ghandi and Flipp still didn't let out. I've seen a lot of improvement in drive and especially in the training degree of top dogs in comparisson to say 1997, when only 2 out of the VA dogs did a courage test that was ANY good by the SchH standarts. Top dogs improved that way a lot, I was pleased to see. There is still a lot of bad bad dogs though... But we'll take it step by step :) maybe in another 5 years time we'll see the broad field of "show" dogs doing good solid SchH work. We were lucky to have good weather (except for a bit of rain early sunday morning) it was not too cold and not too hot :) I could go into what I didn't like about judging, but I'm too scared to do it here :) I'm afraid it will not be a normal conversation between people with different opinions... :)

by freundhund on 08 September 2003 - 13:09

Thanks Martin, that is the sort of comment I was after. Even the comment about handlers gives me some idea of the performance of the judges. Was there any indication of why Messler felt that 11 dogs qualified as VA. Having read comments on this board re working lines to showlines do you think that the courage will gradually bring both back together or is this wishful thinking on my part. I hope the owner of the bitch and puppies was made to feel very guilty. Here in Australia (my state NSW) leaving a dog unattended in a car is punishable by a very heavy fine or imprisonment.

by Martin on 08 September 2003 - 14:09

Meßler didn't judge this year, Orschler did. He said he picked the dogs for VA because it gives the breeders a great variety of lines to chose from, and every dog is a different type, so one for every taste :) Which is true, the dogs are very different types. I don't think the working and show lines will ever become one. And in my opinion there is no need for it. But it'd be nice to improve what lacks. Working line breeders often don't care for the dogs conformation at all, and breed animals that don't look like shepherds anymore, and show breeders are so concerned with perfect look that biting does hardly matter. That's what's wrong, not having two differnt types of GSD. It is possible to breed a nice looking working dog (like Schloß Veitenstein do, for example. Somebody mentioned them here in this context already recently), and it's possible to breed a gorgeous shepherd with nice drives. I'm not asking for a VA1 going to BSP... :)

by nummer ein on 08 September 2003 - 14:09

by JanisNovak on 08 September 2003 - 23:09

For a smaller stadium, to handle thousands of dogs and 20,000 people, not to mention the vendors and the beer tents , I thought it was really well done. Some people complained of "lack of ceremony". They didn't have flags flying for the countries that the dogs were from, they didn't have a huge opening ceremony, etc., but honestly, just to juggle that many rings, that many dogs, that many people... whew! BIG JOB!!! The hotel was a five minute walk from the showground, that was SUPER. Wish I knew that before we rented a car. Weather was wonderful except for a bit of rain on Sunday morning and more today, but that's okay. I LIKED the judging in the classes I saw. The judges were not afraid to switch dogs around. And that was good. The working male protection judge was very leniant on outs and slipped bites. If the dog re-engaged immediately, he was still pronounced. But the helper work was HARD. VERY VERY HARD. The dogs that I saw fail the test seemed to fail the long bite, rather than the attack out of the blind. They decided that the stick hits were for real and didn't want to do that a second time!!! For a GSD junkie it was heaven. I just about cleaned out one of the tents. Training equipment was very reasonably priced and they took USD with a better exchange rate than the banks would give us! The SV shop also got a lot of my money. I bought their last two copies of Captain Max's book in English. I've been looking for it for years!!! I could EASILY have spent 5000 Euros on things that we need, things that we want, things that I have never seen before but look neat! I did try to restrain myself to just what we need. The stadium set up made it impossible to double handle, that was bad. I loved the fencing on the temp rings, they were super good. Don't like the fact that all the drinks came in glass bottles, it seemed dangerous with hard surfaces and dogs all about. And the poor girl who whelped in the car... I imagine by the 3rd announcement on the PA the owner was AFRAID to go back to the car. There was probably a crowd waiting to beat the crap out of him/her! I was very disappointed not to see Ursus in his progeny group and that they decided not to present Whisky's group. The progeny groups alone are worth the trip, I think. My biggest problem is that I wasn't properly prepared. It's like Disneyworld. You HAVE to go in with a plan, but it must be a last minute plan. Decide which dogs you absolutely want to see. Buy a catalogue as soon as possible. Go to the board to see what times the dogs you want to see are slotted. And they are NOT slotted in catalogue order. Keep an eye on your watch and realize that the judges will take unscheduled breaks. Run like crazy between rings and stadium. And the thing I loved the most... the SV semi! JDN

by Schaeferhund on 09 September 2003 - 05:09

Yes. It was well organized and there were no inccidents. :) I've got the after Sieger Schau blues now :) I've been looking forward to it for a month, and now that it's over... :) There isn't even a show next weekend, where I can show my dogs in the after glow of this huge event. :( I didn' have the problem Janis had; hence I only came there for the working class, so it was easy to juggle the two rings, both in the main stadion. The working judge. I thought it was good that he was lentient on slip bites, because especially in nervewrecking situations like that things like that happen. Plus it wasn't the quality of the grip that counted, it was a Courage test after all. But the out's were very generous. It's always impossble to double handle on Sieger Schau. They're always set it up the same way. But people still try, with whistles and hooters that the dogs are used to. Funny to see the colourful cloths people were wearing to make it easy for the handler and doublehandler to see each other in the crowd. I like the neon pink woman the most :)

by freundhund on 09 September 2003 - 08:09

Hi Sorry about Messler I did mean to say Orschler my comments might have made more sense, my only excuse is flu and the time I was typing. Next question is this only the second time Orchler has judged at a Seiger Show the only time I have is in 2001? Janis please more information on goodies for sale I am a dog buying junkie. Love thngs for the dogs.(Children claim my dogs have more toys than they do.) Also opinions of progeny groups would be nice. Personal opinions even about if only I could have this or that dog, it helps one to see dogs from an overall position. Again sorry Martin I was tired.

by Charisma on 09 September 2003 - 10:09

VA Results for those who are to tired to look them up!!! Males VA 1 bax von der luistrasse VA 2 Lrus von Batu VA 3 Hill von Farbienspiel VA 4 Ando vom altenbergerland VA 5 Nero vom Nobachtal VA 6 Erasmus van Noort VA 7 Quantum vom Arminius VA 8 Dux della Valcuvia VA 9 Kevin vom Murtal VA 10 Orbit von Tronje VA 11 Quiri v Hochmoor Bitches VA 1 Kora vom Bierstadter hof VA 2 Qualli von der Flur VA 3 olga vom Foxdorfer tannenhof VA 4 Winona vom Amur VA 5 Biggi vom Langenbungert VA 6 Farina von der Noriswand VA 7 Jacci vom schlob weitmar VA 8 Larissa vom fichtenschlag VA 9 Shalome von Oasis VA 10 Hannie vom Team fiemereck


by CAROL on 09 September 2003 - 17:09

Hi I was showing at the Sieger show so from an exhibitors point of view, it was well run and well laid out, organisation was good and loudspeaker announcements also good. Car parking was too far away, helpers were hard, scared the shit out of me but fortunately not my dog, she was good, but many that I saw working a few days before at the clubs had no problems in practise but failed on the day. Some stupid exhibitors left dogs in cars with no cover from the sun, I know one dog at least died and several others seriously ill, and then the one having pups in the back of a car, can you believe it!!! The adult female class was very impressive, as always many beautiful females, the best class of the show. I liked the closing ceremony, and the speeches short!! A good Sieger show, looking forward to next year, Karlsruhe I believe.


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