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by ghost on 04 October 2003 - 15:10

Has anyone given Bull Sticks to their dogs? They are suppose to be holistic and the dogs love them. Has anyone had a bad experience from giving them to their dogs?

by JanisNovak on 05 October 2003 - 16:10

EVERY treat we give dogs (actually even their foods!) can be potentially harmful. One of my dogs once chewed a sharp bit off a nylabone and *I* cut my foot on it. No more of those, thank you! Then we went through the corn syrup bones... anyone ever seen what THOSE do to carpet? Ick. Some dogs can't tolerate the fat in pig ears or Bullie sticks. Other dogs choke on big hunks of rawhide. Some dogs have choked to death on kibble. Those nice safe shank (marrow bones)? One of my girls chewed one down (it was in her crate, I didn't keep a close eye on it - BAD dog owner) until it was narrow enough to slip over her snout and wedge over her canine teeth. That was a $300 bolt cutter job at the vet. There are risks in everything. JDN - US


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