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by viking on 10 November 2003 - 02:11

VA1 Superiou's Zathan is the 2003 NASS sieger. Congratulations!!!

by JanisNovak on 12 November 2003 - 06:11

Sorry I couldn't post directly from the hotel. For some reason my modem didn't like the hotel connection! The host club did an EXCELLENT job, particularly considering the task was "dumped" on them only six months ago. The field was wonderful, trophies beautiful, catalogues well done, weather was nice and the organization really pretty well in hand. I agree with the judges' comments... never have I seen so many top quality dogs presented at a show held here in the US. The 9-12 bitch puppy class was just awesome. All of the classes were, but that one really stands out. The helper work was mild, in my view, but I don't think that any dogs who shouldn't have been on the field benefited by it and made it to the conformation ring. We were thrilled with Tito's result, and with his progeny group. We had an "illegal" entry . A three month old pup (Callee x Tito) was our "tail end Charlie" and a big favorite with the crowd. I'm soooo glad this is over! It was our last 'big show' with Tito, he's on to other projects in 2004. But for a dog that "doesn't bite", we think he did okay. Thanks for the congrats and many congrats to Julie and Team Mittelwest on their wonderful results. To all the dogs and presenters, really, it was an AWESOME show, everyone was a winner. JDN - US


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