Reckless Aggression , where does it comme from, and which lines are known to pass it down? - Page 16

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by emoryg on 25 October 2019 - 20:10

Blksable, I tried to return your private message but received a server down error. It will be next week before I will be able upload that file again. There was more to that call than from just my narrative that your LEO friend may find interesting. I'll see if I can access the pictures, interviews, etc.

I had forgotten, but when that perp was removed from the creek he was placed on his belly. Unbeknownst to the officers, he started swallowing his dope while they were trying to get handcuffs on him. Short version, he gets peppered sprayed and cuffed, then the officers back away so they can breath. The perp chokes on his dope. Was almost an incustody death. Happens more often than you would think.


by Blksableworkingdogs on 25 October 2019 - 22:10

Thank emoryg !
This buddy of mine with the sheriffs department will get a kick out of that story, thanks for taking the time !


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