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by ValK on 19 November 2019 - 10:11

duke, 40%?
you're too generous


by emoryg on 20 November 2019 - 08:11

That was a ‘nice’ letter from his owner. I lost contact with her a couple years later. Last time she wrote, she said if she ever got better she wanted to come visit Andor and learn to ride a motorcycle across the US, which I always thought was funny.

When you read her letter you can get a sense that she was identifying with what some are saying about the drive of the dogs. She says, at the last months she became sick and didn't have 'enough time or power to train him every day or make active sport'. She goes on and mentions boredom, needs action, family, not just sport.

In this case he was able to find plenty of action and family time which promoted his health, not just physical, but mental. Both are equally important.

Valk, I only wish I could click on a ‘Buy Now’ button and have a dog like that delivered the next day. I made it sound much easier than it is to find one that could function at his level. But he shouldn’t be an exception; he should be a minimum standard. I don’t just mean in his bitework, but all areas that make up the dog tasked with being a patrol dog. This dog excelled in everything he was tasked with, from explosive detection, tracking, article search, criminal apprehension, public demonstrations, etc… but my ability to train him or any other police dog is ultimately limited to his genetic potential. Fortunately, this dog came from good blood that allowed him to do whatever was asked.


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