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by kitkat3478 on 03 November 2020 - 10:11

Valik, I have found nothing wrong with your dog that I could mention, I don t know your dog or nothing about him other then I couldn't t help but notice that with the limited pedigree you put up, he is also out of showline dogs, the dogs you criticize at every opportunity. Whyou is te showline acceptable in your dog. There seems to be a bit of a mix in there,
You just seem to want to knock dogs and people you know nothing about. What I call success is that breeder you question their breeding choice, has competed in dog shows and have got titles on their dogs. They are involved in the breed, and enjoy doing so. To me, that's successful in the breed.
I been told the same thing you preach, Don t mix the lines, nothing consistent will you ever get. I have mixed the lines, and feel I too have been successful in my actions. It may be only three dogs I bred that have successful police k9 roles, that's more then alot of breeders can say. Not everyone needs to be placed at the podium to be successful with their dogs. I feel I too have been successful in bringing the lines together.
It is because of those type comments people zfraid to come here and ask questions, and the same reason more people don t get involved in the sport. No one wanuts to hear their choice of a dog always being put in a bad light.


by Rik on 03 November 2020 - 11:11

I guess the best example of that and one of my favorite posters was Ibrihim. He came here at absolute ground zero from a country with either no or very few GSD.

He asked some pretty simplistic questions, but regardless of the responses, he never wavered in determination to learn all he could about the GSD, in all forms. when he did start buying dogs, he made some mistakes, like many of us, but he always shared what went wrong trying to help others.

haven't heard from him in a while and hope he is O.K.

it's OK to not be born with full and complete knowledege of the GSD and as the saying goes, the only stupid question is the question not asked. there are lots of people viewing this board, but not a lot of participation.

It shouldn't be that way.



by Hired Dog on 03 November 2020 - 11:11

I remember Ibrahim, he was a really nice guy, clearly more interested in the show side of the breed and a friend of Blitzen who left here and Ibrahim went with her. Its been some years now and I have not seen either of them around.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 03 November 2020 - 13:11

Yes Ibrahim was a gentleman and I too hope he is well.

by ValK on 03 November 2020 - 17:11

thank you for sharing your thoughts. now i see what annoyed you :)

unfortunately i don't have any additional info to post into pedigree. that's what come up after i found this site and entered his data. it would be interesting to me as well to see full pedigree. when i found and picked him, i didn't have even that info. previous dog Ari died in 2000. took me about 3 year to get myself ready for next dog and start do search. search was in person, driving around and looking, which took one + year, till i saw something with potential. i guess fuel during search did cost me more than dog :)
decision and selection was based on seeing the parents and observing and testing pups in litter. Siegie turned out to be most confident and bold one among his siblings.

was i satisfied?
no, i wasn't and previously already told here in discussions that he didn't turn out to be bad but absolutely no match to Ari or my other dogs.
as for his pedigree, looking at available data i can see that on paternal side up into late 80s early 90s there seems knowledgeable and purposed breeding. what happened after is impossible to know due to missed at bottom data.
maternal side contains more info and starting from 7th generation can be seen bunch of good dogs from DDR breeding in top and bottom with influx of show blood also in late 80s early 90s with import from Germany a Hungary. mind you both cases of crossing did happen on American continent.
as for Siegie and how those experiment impacted him - well, fortunately show blood didn't turned to be dominant. on posted picture he is somewhere between 10~11 month old but even in maturity, albeit had decent head and good massive jaw, overall was average typical of present breeding. not a big heavy boned and muscular type i used too. but i didn't expect that.
in respect of intelligence/temperament - i was disappointed. he never got full maturity in my perception of what mature serious dog are.

conclusion - he wasn't type of dog i would use in breeding if i was breeder with my knowledge and previous experience of GS dogs.


by kitkat3478 on 03 November 2020 - 19:11

I started out in the breed knowing nothing, There was no Internet at the time , I had dog world Magazine and library books. Then I found this site whiIe i was in college and taking computer classes. I came on here with my Blue German Shepherds, that went over like a lead balloon. I not only got my degree from college, I also got a degree from the school of hard knocks, right here on the database. But I got to say, I learned alot. There was back in the day some very serious German Shepherd people with tons of knowledge and experience. Did I listen to what I was repeatedly told, no, I didn t. But what did happen was I went forward in what I wanted to do but had alot more information that allowed me to make informed decisions. I learned a lot about different dogs, different lines and different wants and needs. I brought myself up to the standard of the breed and took my dogs with me. I got myself some of the best dogs I could find, what I considered the best anyway, and continued to research, which I still do today. You can never have to much information. Today I have some of the best dogs a person could ask for. They have great health, proper conformation, the best temperaments. My dogs a little to much for some peoplevel because they definately have the drive shepherds should have. They are up for whatever task is put to them. Yes, of course there are some that be very laid back out of a litter but there also those that you see and know , this dog exceptional. Yes, it was a gamble if things would go the way I was intending, but thankfully, everything is better then I ever hoped for with my dogs. I have one Trooper who had my dog as his partner, he comes a couple times a year to pick up pups for the other cops for their personal family dogs. I have people drive from Florida to new York for one of my pups, and locally I am the go to for a shepherd. To me, that is success.


I guessential I just don t get the whole downfall of show blood. My dog that I got from Tracey Bollinger was that once in a lifetime dog. He was bold and piwerful, not to mention beautiful. Just looking at him you could tell he was a powarehouse of a dog. I dare say he could have gave any working line dog a good run for the money. Now I have my Bomber grandson who he also is a powerhoyse. There not one person who met him that is not impressed with him. He may be a bit on the larger side, a good 130 130 lb dog, and not a fat dog either. He has some showline, DDR, Czech and obviously working lines, and he is a true working dog. I started going to the club, but there you had the same thing as you find here, always someone wanting to tell you the bad points and talk about everyone else's dog. Life to short for that kind of crap (plus there was always the possibility someone could get a sock in the nose)

 It's fine to like one line over the next, but people should accept other people's choices in what they like.


by Rik on 03 November 2020 - 19:11

LOL kitkat. a stray with demodex showed up at my house (many, many years ago) and wouldn't go away. his muzzle and head was so cracked and seeping that I took him to the vet.

picked up a Dog World magazine in the waiting room and saw there was a dog show coming up near me. I thought this could be interesting.

I don't regret taking the dog to the vet, but I've often thought it would have been better if I never picked up the magazine.

by ValK on 06 November 2020 - 22:11

kitkat 3478
well, from your description of achieved success i learned that you're somewhat confused commercial success with success in breeding.
what for ppl buying dogs from you? as pet dogs, as service dogs?
if as a service dogs, what kind of service and what percentage of pups in litter turned out to be suitable for that?

what's stopping you to get back, utilizing previous and newly gained knowledge?
i think you could be good breeder.
unfortunately today in a breeding so many incidental folk, who only see their dogs as means to get extra cash and so few breeders who truly loves and cares about breed itself.


by Rik on 07 November 2020 - 10:11

valk, the same reason I don't try to trade stocks anymore.

I wasn't particularly good (or lucky) at it.

"a man has got to know his limitations" Dirty Harry 1973



by kitkat3478 on 09 November 2020 - 02:11

Valik. I been in this breed nearly 30 years now. I certainly not in it for the money. I m not one of them people that think money is the most important part of having dogs. See I keep my dogs til death due us part. Their importance don t fade when they don t produce. My dogs live with me. Not for me. I think I have in deed bred for the betterment of the breed. I won t breed any dog to another just to make a dollar and I not breeding to any dog that I don t see a benefit to the breed. I m not afraid to give away a puppy to a person or cause I feel worthy of receiving one. I have several dogs that are true service dogs for autistic children. Out of my last litter of 8. 4 pups went to police on long Island as their personal dogs and all are training IPO with them. I 've had the few certified police k9. See. The way I see it is not every dog is going to get out there and let's say. Get their paws dirty but I 'll say a greater percentage of them could get them dirty if that's what was expected of them. The important thing is that they are capable of doing. I know many against pets. Dogs ain t just a pet. They become a very intricate part of fully functional families. I don t care what anyone says. Most German Shepherds are naturally protective over children. I myself feel that's the most important. Job anyone could have. My dogs get lucky and go with many active people some do agility with there doors. Some do pp. . I try to ensure people are aware of the traits of the breed they are getting. I tell them they working dogs that not only want a job . They need one. If you don t give them ones I can guarantee they will create one for themself and I 'll also guarantee you won t like them in that job. And the icing on the cake is I have good healthy dogs. I have never had to replace a dog or refund money and I make that clear from the start. If there's a problem. I 'll take care of it. I give lifetime guarantee on them. If something breaks. I 'll fix it. No hoops to jump through either. If anyone ever got less then they were expecting I would take the one and give another. There no excuse for any dog I bred to go to dog pound or dumped. In fact then there would be a problem.


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