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Litter D

Due 23 mar 2021

Parents: V41 (BSZS) Kranichzug Oscar IPO3 and X-Athena Haus Juris

Posted by: Emeraldoaks, country: United States

Gringo - Chisu

Due 31 mar 2021

Parents: SG Gringo Ja Na Ka IPO 3, IGP 3 and Chisu vom Drachenwolf B.H. IGP 1 , IGP 2

Posted by: jbaker1980, country: United States


Due 02 apr 2021

Parents: Ace Von Lanes and Gypsy Von Miller ll

Posted by: CGS2014, country: United States

Vampire Diaries Theme - Ghost & Cheyenne

Due 14 apr 2021

Parents: SG Ghost von den Bären IGP3 and Patchworks Whispering Winds of Fall

Posted by: hopewellk9haven, country: United States

Daro- Lollo

Due 21 apr 2021

Parents: SG Daro von den Koschis IPO3 and V Lollobrigida vom Hochheimer Stein IGP 2

Posted by: jbaker1980, country: United States

Jz x Tinkerbell 2021 Litter

Due 15 may 2021

Parents: CH Foxhaven-Myjoy Who Gon Stop Me Peakes Brook and Our Little Tinkerbell TT

Posted by: Marbany Kennels, country: United States

Litter A

Due 19 may 2021

Parents: INTCh Kevin Z Gargamellu BH, CGC and Mma Ariel Dauphin

Posted by: weisserbergsheps, country: United States


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