German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Trained Adult Male for Family Companion (id: 285111)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Trained Adult Male for Family Companion

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Duke 3 Year Old Neutered Male Show Line German Shepherd w/o Papers Dallas tx $3000 Call/Text anytime 214-334-3614 Duke was not bred by Debut Shepherds, and isn’t our typical type dog, but he’s here now and we adore him! This large show line male is fully trained and ready for his own family. He is low drive, lovable, and enjoys laying around the house as much as he enjoys short sessions of play. He is very handler focused and will do anything to please his owner. He’s not a fan of small children, but enjoys the close company of teenagers and adults. This playful beauty does well with other dogs of all sizes, and is gentle as can be with small and older dogs. His on leash and off leash obedience is stellar, as well as his exceptional house manners! He has the talents to purse competitive obedience work, along with other dog sports, if so desired. He is ready for his forever home, and craves to be apart of a family.

Trained Adult Male for Family Companion


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