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Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 09 August 2020 - 15:08

"""We meet people everyday whom we may not agree with, but we don't have to chastise them for their "limited knowledge". This world is a small place and it needs kind people to make it better"""

So true and the goal Mrdarcy and I try for here at PDB .

by ThatWasClose on 09 August 2020 - 22:08

I do not at all find it odd that things are posted privately.

Some things are more personal in nature, & perhaps not wanted to be out there public consumption.

Some things are just not fully on topic.

Other things may be snide, & simply better off not being out there for the entire world to see .

I know I have learned far more here privately. Thus far, as far as I know, none have betrayed my trust in what I privately replied to or inquired of. Some of my questions have been pretty darn ignorant too. To those that have been generous with your time to me here -THANK YOU. I am slowly learning your GSD world. I will never come close to holding a candle to the collective knowledge here. Your guiding directions & opinions are sincerely appreciated.


by Hundmutter on 10 August 2020 - 02:08

It is also true no doubt that the instruction to take it to PMs was to prevent a deluge of people posting on-thred who simply have litters available to sell. The fact that the OP interpreted this the way she did does not negate that. Its an effort by the admins that I for one appreciate; the threds are sometimes, when well subscribed to, confusing to negotiate, without having to stop and skim-read yet another sort of advert within the text.

Don't want to wreck the efforts of MrD and WR to reduce contraversy, but I will say that I think Rhumphrey has a solid point.

by stormins on 13 August 2020 - 22:08


Weren't you recently training a DDR for Judy Malone trying to put a Title on a senior citizen ? Sounds like you are willing to participate in do anything to make a dollar off the backs of a DDR regardless of the age or consequences to the dog, a pattern of Judy's that has been discussed at length on multiple other PDB forum posts.

It leaves me rather confused by your request and responses...If you are willing to participate in "make a buck at any cost " with your mentor why wouldn't what Judy has to offer combined with your training of her dogs fit your needs,  especially since she is currently just as "Anti Sven" as she was "Anti-Tino" a few years ago?

I too would be somewhat concerned about  your motives and thus  I am not going to add to the list with those DDR breeders you missed  (and there are several in the States and overseas) especially since there are many fine breeders on your list that you have   summarily  dismissed that can and do exceed the most astute buyers expectations on a regular basis.


by ThatWasClose on 13 August 2020 - 22:08

Now where did I place my popcorn popper? Imma gonna need it.

by katifer on 27 August 2020 - 14:08


I understand you are new to DDR's and trying to learn so please take the time to learn from people who were actually there like Valk

Sometime back you were looking for a White DDR in one of the FB groups I am in. Valk please correct me if I am wrong, but to the best of my knowledge there are no white DDR German Shepherds.

Take your time, listen to the many that have gone on before you and remember you will have plenty of time after you have experience to teach others what you have learned in the school of hard knocks.

Q Man

by Q Man on 27 August 2020 - 18:08

The "SV" is not the only registering organization in Germany that you can register a German Shepherd thru and still get AKC registrations...


by ValK on 28 August 2020 - 13:08

could be there was whites like anywhere else but even so, these dogs hadn't been recognized by official body and for sure not got into book.
among dogs, i was dealing with, i never seen whites, liver, blue, red and long coated.

Bob, can you provide more info?
on my request to CKC about UCI e.V answer was negative.
somehow that guy from Belarusia does manage to transfer UCI to belarusian register.


by CarolynH on 28 August 2020 - 14:08


I did not realize you were( ADMIN EDIT, Private info) until after asking around (I would have NEVER sent you a PM if I would have known that is who you are as you and I do not see eye to eye) and I would have VERY much appreciated you keeping our conversation private as I expected any professional to do so as I shared personal information about myself and life.

I came here to look for more breeders, NEVER once did I say the breeders I had already found were not great breeders, as MANY of them are and I have met terrific dogs out of them.

I came here to look for MORE breeders.
I took out an hour of my time to answer every question you have and you come back here to mock someone who is trying to learn more, that is extremely unprofessional.

Now for the response to your second post on here:

You try and chastise me for things you do not even know information on... but then turn around and get mad and claim I am doing the hateful speech, when I have not once?

YOU are correct, I took in a 6 year old male to show for Judy Malone for 45 days. I got NO payment in any way shape or form for housing, feeding, watering, working this dog as I did not as for ANY in return. I was looking to breed to him and that was the exchange for me working with him, 6 years old is NOT truly a senior and if a dog is in good health there is no reason not to work and train a dog who wants to work at that age.
However, I decided I did not want to breed to him and transported him back myself - meeting the person half way, again, all on my own expenses.

The only hate I am seeing on this forum is from you and Robert Humphrey, as I not once have spoken an ill word about either of you nor any DDR breeders.


What does having a husband have anything to do with me looking for more DDR breeders?
I have reached out to you THREE different times via Facebook, with NOT ONE reply from you....
but yet we are friends on facebook and I have seen you have seen my messages....

Never once did I chastise any breeder, like I just told Koda Shepherd, I came here for more information, there are SEVERAL breeders on that list I love and speak with often who are helping me navigate the lines, I am just looking for more breeders and more information to learn.

You stated "I did however remove you from some of my facebook groups because of your vicious attacks on other breeders who apparently weren't up to your standards." ........

The ONLY group I got kicked from was the group you and Koda Shepherd run the "DDR German shepherds (The honest group)" because I asked (ADMIN EDIT, Private info) if his white gsds he breeds were DDR since he has a mouth full to say about Judy Malone for no reason all on my post looking for more breeders.

I have NOTHING bad to say about ANY DDR breeder or any breeder for that matter.
I have YET to say one negative thing about any of them nor to conduct myself in that manner.
I am curious on what breeder I have ever done any kind of "vicious attacks" on, as I screenshot every encounter and that is no where in my records.

IF you did not truly want to help then why reply?
Why belittle others for looking and trying to find other breeders to learn from?

I want to learn, but both of your replies are nothing more than belittling and chastising for no reason whatsoever.


by CarolynH on 28 August 2020 - 14:08


"Sometime back you were looking for a White DDR in one of the FB groups I am in. Valk please correct me if I am wrong, but to the best of my knowledge there are no white DDR German Shepherds."

NEVER ONCE have I EVER been looking for a white german shepherd in general, DDR or not.

I posted in the "DDR German Shepherds (The Honest Group)" looking for European Breeders and then Judy Malone was brought up, Koda Shepherds then goes off degrading Ms. Malone, then I started asking Koda Shepherd who came on MY post about if his white gsds he breeds were DDR, and if so what were their pedigrees ect.
That is the ONLY time I have ever spoken of a white German Shepherd, the ones the DDR breeder Koda Shepherd are breeding, as he claims to be a DDR breeder, I was curious on where his whites were from as I had never seen any DDR white gsds.

Nothing I posted was in ANY way trying to teach others?
My post was about looking for more breeders to LEARN from and get to know and I simply stated what I was looking for and breeders I had already found so people are not giving me names of breeders I already now of.


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