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Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 14 August 2020 - 11:08

The human does not have the guts to do his own fighting, same as the gutless wonder who will pit the mentally ill against one another.

by Hired Dog on 14 August 2020 - 11:08

Pit bull fighting was done originally as a selection test, same as all other sports. It was not done to claim you have the baddest dog or anything else. In those days, 70 years a go, they followed the Cajun rules which were written as a way to test your dog for breeding. For anyone who is not familiar with the Cajun rules, look them up if you are interested in the history of fighting breeds.

by AkitaPedigrees on 14 August 2020 - 12:08

So, while I still don't agree with it, Japan's "dog fighting" isn't a "real" dog fight anymore.

The Tosa is banned from several countries as a whole simply because the breed was developed for the sole purpose of dog fighting. The Japanese base breed used to create this fighting breed was the Shikoku, with western mastiff-type breeds added in among others. Before that the Shikoku and the Akita- before they were officially called the akita, were used for fighting, but by the time the Akita became the official breed name in the 1930's the Akita and Shikoku were pretty much fazed out.

Back to the Tosa. In the wrong hands with the wrong training they are very dog aggressive. It's a bred in breed trait, due to origins. Present day dog fighting in Japan ins't blood and gore. The dogs are essentially canine sumo wrestlers. They are not supposed to draw blood, and are not allowed to severely injure or kill their opponent. It's why in champion win photos taken directly after the "fight" the dogs are clean and uninjured. They are also not illegal themselves, but betting on them is. It's supposed to be entertainment sport and the dog proving itself for the breed only though of course private under cover gambling does happen.

I can't tell you without additional research (the above I know simply due to it being linked with akita history) WHEN the fighting style converted to the sumo style over actual injury as initially it was the same as the typical dog fighting we think of. I know it hasn't been overly long.

So while yes it's still going on, not shamed, and publicized in Japan, it's not exactly what you're thinking, BUT in my opinion shouldn;t be happening either as it still looks bad, still promotes dog aggression, and makes other countries and individual people looking at it and not researching think it's typical dog fighting and is "okay". I think they should do away with it completely and simply find another actually dog humane sport for the breed to convert to to prove itself. It could however take decades to lessen the dog aggression in the breed as a whole :(

by ThatWasClose on 14 August 2020 - 12:08

From Wikipedia. Not that I would ever stake my life on Wikipedia. Though the US History section does sound perfectly plausible.


mrdarcy, the cricket & spider fighting is linked down at the bottom of the wiki page.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 14 August 2020 - 13:08

TWC, thanks I must have a look.

by ThatWasClose on 14 August 2020 - 16:08

@akitapedigree Sorry, but I call baloney on your soft spin.

I have worked for more than one Japanese multi-national.

It was ignorant of me to have even started this Thread. It was like thinking since dog fighting is illegal in the USA it no longer occurs here, either.

Uhm, putting forth the Cajun Rules spin, I consider nothing more than fluff here too.

Gee, I sure know how to win friends! *cough cough*

by Hired Dog on 14 August 2020 - 16:08

TWC, it seems that if someone does not agree with you and your views, they are soft spinning baloney or fluff.
These posts are made for others to ponder, to research, to learn. If you dont like an answer, great, move on, but, do ponder it, do research it, see if it makes sense in some way.

by ThatWasClose on 14 August 2020 - 18:08



by Hired Dog on 14 August 2020 - 18:08

TWC, thank you for that intelligent response, stay safe and have a great weekend.

by ThatWasClose on 14 August 2020 - 18:08

Ok Hired Dog, here was my real response that I posted then pulled to keep the fighting down in here.. Perhaps it will make you happier! <>


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