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by SitasMom on 01 November 2020 - 23:11

What do you use for your stud dogs and pregnant bitch to keep fleas and ticks off your dogs.

The weather is a bit cooler and finally got a bit of rain and it's an explosion... all our dogs are scratching...

We have a new stud dog, fist in several years, ......is there a flea tick control you suggest ?


by Rik on 02 November 2020 - 11:11

I had that explosion a few years ago on some rural land I own that my dogs and I trained on. the ticks were imbeded in trees a few feet up and on all the taller grasses first thing I did was spray the whole area (about 2 acres) with an insecticide from a sprayer on a garden hose. I think it was pyretherin based but don't remember the name.

it was a chore, but my first course of action for fleas/ticks has always been to treat the area.

not sure what is available and safe now but never had any issues with the pyrethrins. they are shorter acting though.



by Koots on 02 November 2020 - 11:11

I use Biospot Active - it is also pyrethrin-based.


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