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Montesquieu Vom Eichenhain <span style="color: darkblue">CGC</span>
Montesquieu Vom Eichenhain CGC
Posted: 11 hours ago
by KenW
Embark test results:
Good news!
Montesquieu Vom Eichenhain is not at increased risk for the genetic health conditions that Embark tests.
Breed-Relevant Genetic Conditions 11 variants not detected
Additional Genetic Conditions 180 variants not detected
Clinical Tools 1 variant not detected
Avery's Sandy Beach
Avery's Sandy Beach
Posted: 13 hours ago
by mrdarcy
This section is for comments on the dog and not personal disputes with the breeder.
Puma's Black Knight
Puma's Black Knight
Posted: 25 hours ago
by pschomer
Admin Edit...This section is for comments on the dog and not personal disputes with the breeder. mrdarcy (mod)
Member entered VA1 as show rating. The highest rating that I can verify is a VA1 at the Moldau Sieger Schau SHZS MD 2016

Posted: 4 days ago
by DuganVomEichenluft
Very beautiful!
An incredible male, truly the epitome of what a German Shepherd should be. He is balanced in temperament with High drives to match. Good in the house and with children but a true force to be reckoned with on the training field. He produces pups with large bone and heads and superb temperament. He has score 293 points in IPO3 in Germany with 100 points in Protection.
Darth Vader Marsyas Bohemian <span style="color: darkblue">BH, AD, IPO, IPO2, IGP3</span> by Realistic Kennels
Any puppies coming soon from this male??
Olymp is now in Australia, standing at stud with Khayem German Shepherds. Contact Kim Graham or Bret Adams for further information, email 😁

Our thanks to Vincent Buß for allowing Olymp to come to Australia and for keeping him so beautifully while he fulfilled the Quarantine requirements for import 😊❤
Cain has a old injury when he was a puppy
At 8 mths old he jump a 6 foot fence
<span style="color: darkred">V</span> Myoboku Maria Stella Maris <span style="color: darkblue">IGP1</span> by Realistic Kennels
Love this boy!
DOnnja von citadel kennel
DOnnja von citadel kennel
Posted: 11 days ago
by Tamerzone56
Sandrock Apache <span style="color: darkblue">BCAT</span>
Sandrock Apache BCAT
Posted: 2 weeks ago
by GSDHeritage
This Panda color dog is registered with AKC as a Black.

DN32263701 Sandrock Apache BCAT
(German Shepherd Dog)
Color: Black
Sex/Whelp Date: Female / NOV-08-2011
DNA Information: AKC DNA #V785793
Blue Bye You
Blue Bye You
Posted: 2 weeks ago
by GSDHeritage
This dog is registered with the AKC as Blue.

DN48655306 Blue Bye You
(German Shepherd Dog)
Color: Blue
Sex/Whelp Date: Male / FEB-01-2017
DNA Information: AKC DNA #V872244
So sorry for your loss.
Tauchentes Gilda
Tauchentes Gilda
Posted: 2 weeks ago
She is gone 15.9.2017. 14 years 10 months we got to share with her. <3 eila
She is gone 14.6.2020. 14 years 9 months I got to share with her. <3 eila
StormHaven's Once in a Blue Moon <span style="color: darkblue">CGCU</span> by lorrielk
Visit Kooper Blue at
<span style="color: darkred">V</span> Rasputin vom Flossgraben <span style="color: darkblue">SCHH3 FH2</span> by Ziva
Fantastic dog, how long are his puppies doing. What is the longevity of his line?
Paloma Von Samayoa
Paloma Von Samayoa
Posted: 2 weeks ago
by Realistic Kennels


MORE TO COME, STAY TUNED..............
<span style="color: darkred">V</span> Bero Balderooda <span style="color: darkblue">IPO3</span>
V Bero Balderooda IPO3
Posted: 3 weeks ago
by Cmoud


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