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by ravi on 16 March 2009 - 08:03

Dear rotti lovers,

I am rotti fan.

I want to know , at what age a dog is sutiable for breeding (as a stud) and
If we start breeding with a dog who is one year old, is it recommended?
Also want to know at what age we should breed a female?

Seeking a proper advice from one who is senior in this amazing world of rottis

Thanks a lot in advance


by Rottieexpress on 19 March 2009 - 03:03

Most Rott clubs state in their Code of Ethics - no earlier than 2 yrs old. So check with your local club.

You should also have the basic health tests done before you start breeding.

by crazydog on 16 June 2009 - 03:06

Where are you located. If you have OFA, Pennhips etc... you may need to wait till the dogs are certified.

I've also read that one can predict the outcome of the hips 95% accurate at 4 months with an xray.

I have seen dogs mate at 7 months and successfully sire a litter with no harm. Do u show your dogs. A sexually active dog so you imprints it on there minds thus showing can be a bit of a problem. generally if you plan to have a dog as a stud there is a procedure that is getting the dogs confidence built up from a young age etc...

females can be bred on there 2nd heat but in general you should be able to judge your own female to see if she is mature enough. Some females wait till there 3rd heat to look mature some on there 2nd heat.


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