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by novice1976 on 22 March 2009 - 18:03

1st Place Alan Wood with Vicco 90-94-92 (GSD)
2nd Place Alan Wood with Molly 97-80-91 (GSD)
3rd Place Robert Symonds with Hooch 70-83-98 (Rottweiler)
4th Place Stuart Nye with Ozzy 75-81-85 (GSD)
5th place Eric roberts 75-81-85 (GSD)

None Qualifiers...
John Clarke 85-57-DSQ (no out) (GSD)
Pauline Nye with Alfa -b75-c88 (GSD)
Jason Rogers with quattro - b74- c80 (GSD)
Dave Whooles 86-75-DSQ (GSD)

Richard Harrison with Ammo -61-94 (GSD)

Miriam Gladwin - PASS (GSD)
Amanda Lennox - PASS (GSD)

Well done to all the qualifiers and a little brag for  our club North-West Vpg  with our members taking 1st 2nd & 3rd places Also to Robert & Hooch who now hold the record of highest protection score of any dog/breed in any major trial held in the UK!


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