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by lauri3 on 21 April 2011 - 08:04

BE VERY CAREFUL!!   Terry Cornish has cheated many people.   He currently has the FBI doing research on 2 cases against him.  He will sell puppies to people (take their money) and then never send the puppy.  Or he will advertise a puppy as registerable, sell and send the puppy, but the buyer finds out later that the puppy cannot be registered.   There are several lawsuits pending on this activity.   He used to live in Washington, but most recently has been located in Colorado.

I had a signed contract to sell him a female of mine.  He took the female, bred her and sold the puppies.  Kept all the money from the puppy sales, never paid me, then sold the female and kept that money!   Never sent AKC the litter registration application for the puppies and then told the puppy buyers it was all my fault because I owned the female.   At least one lawsuit is pending on that case. 

I am not associated with Terry Cornish.  I have never been associated with Terry Cornish, other than having a contract to sell him a female of mine. 


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