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by Koots on 20 August 2020 - 20:08

Kinda hard to know anything about the dog without a pedigree or some background information, which there is none on the ad. I can tell you he is oversized - not within breed standard - and definitely not working lines.

by djp on 20 August 2020 - 21:08

This pedigree created by the poster looks like it is the same dog

by GSCat on 20 August 2020 - 21:08

Quick Google search of the phone number brought back the following search results that includes listings in various places, with multiple breeds. The parade continues on pages 2 and 3 and . . .

What I see in the search results is a big red flag to me.


by tcall36917 on 20 August 2020 - 22:08

Thanks tp everyone who replied.

by tcall36917 on 20 August 2020 - 22:08

Yes that is the same dog my question as I heard that this person was a reputable breeder and seller and I'm learning a little bit different also this dog was supposedly purchased once already and returns and I can't get information as to why or even find out if it was true or not I guess it doesn't matter there's way too many suspicions that the seller has not even bother to try to clear up.. leaving me to believe there's a problem with the dog most definitely and obviously the seller is well now.

Western Rider (admin)

by Western Rider on 21 August 2020 - 00:08

There is also a complaint about this seller here under the post Buyer Beware

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 21 August 2020 - 03:08

I have messaged this member for their side of the story as we now have 2 complaints, just have to wait and see if member replies.

Q Man

by Q Man on 21 August 2020 - 09:08

I applaud you for doing some background checking...What you do with it is up to you...It's your money...
When dealing with someone new (seller) I ask a lot of questions and want answers...In your case I would want and demand reason why the dog was brought back...what was wrong where he didn't stay with the person that bought him...???
Also questions you might want answered is: Have his Hips/Elbows been checked/certified...If wanting for breeding you could ask if his Sperm has been verified...
You should ask any questions that might concern you...If the Seller doesn't answer or beats around the bush then take all of this into consideration when spending your money...
When dealing with new people I think it's very important to spend time in getting to know them...



by Hundmutter on 21 August 2020 - 10:08

The seller wants 4k for that dog ???   That, right there, is another of GSCat's 'big red flags' to me ...


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