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by GARRY C. BAKER on 24 June 2004 - 15:06

I alway's hear comments that SG,AND SGRN.Dog's can't live up to the working dogs,Why is this true?

by gsddebby on 24 June 2004 - 18:06

Garry, I think you have your terms mixed up. SG is a "very good" conformation rating. SGRN stands for Siegrin which is the top titled(work) female in a conformation show. The other conformation titles are as follows: VA = Champion excellent select in conformation and highly recommended for breeding. V = excellent in conformation and recommended for breeding. SG = very good in conformation and suitable for breeding. Although SG can also be for an excellent conformation yet no working titles. G = good in conformation etc. Now as for the second statement "SG,AND SGRN.Dog's can't live up to the working dogs,Why is this true?" You have opened a can of worms! I would suggest you go back through the message board archives and find similar topics. But, in a nut shell: As a general rule conformation lines do not work as well as working lines. There ARE exceptions to this. Working lines do not have as good of conformation as show lines. There are exceptions to this also. The ideal should be excellent V conformation and excellent work. There are breeders who are trying to achieve this and some with good success. Hope this clears some of it up for you. Debby


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