WDA NASS Registration problem solution - Page 1

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by Dog1 on 15 October 2003 - 14:10

Those wanting to enter an over 12 mo dog in the NASS but don't have their AKC or SV papers yet, there may be help available. The WDA has a contact person available to expedite AKC registration. Don't forget to meet the deadline for registration. If your paperwork is close, contact me quickly for more information.

by JanisNovak on 15 October 2003 - 15:10

I was speaking to a WDA official on the weekend and they are also going to try and do something about that "4 generation" pedigree problem. Almost EVERYONE I know has 3 generation pedigrees ONLY. I've ordered my 4 gens but whether they'll arrive in time is anyone's guess. It will be addressed at the WDA General meeting and several reps are pushing for that requirement to be dropped back down to a 3 gen pedigree. JDN - US


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