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GSD Admin (admin)

by GSD Admin on 14 March 2020 - 19:03

People need to wake the fuck up. I keep seeing all over the net comments how the media is over-hyping this virus. Most of the people saying these things have Trump as their avatars. The media is only doing their jobs, which is to inform us. If you don't like the message don't shoot the messenger. I just read at a prominent news sites comment section, 98% will recover. Now I am no genius but math is my love and doing the simple math 350,000,000 x 2% is staggering and don't be surprised when the actual death toll of 4.5%ish or higher is the actual rate of death. If you are ignorant about science, math or common sense please keep your mouth shut. If you want to follow a moron and his lap dog who both have shunned science, then go ahead but you aren't likely to get the educated to follow your dumb asses. Read about what is happening in Italy. Hell read what Newt is saying about Italy, I mean he is actually there and all. Please, please wake up. You people who keep saying this is like the flu need to quit listening to a known liar and start listening to common sense. You have been warned for years that a pandemic is coming yet you keep not believing but you believe in a man who day after day is a liar. I submit people like you are the main problem here.

by Allan1955 on 15 March 2020 - 17:03

That is because they are incapable to think anything other than them self. Weather it is the stock market or  political Colour.

But never worry the virus will disappear in April when it gets warm. If not then Obama is to blame.

Seriously people there is alot of misinformation out there. Follow the instructions of the CDC.

I wish you all well.




by Allan1955 on 15 March 2020 - 17:03

For some freaking reason every post results into a double post lately.

Makes me feel  like a fucking idiot.

Any suggestion on how to fix this i will be very grateful.

It is freaking me out.


by ThatWasClose on 16 March 2020 - 22:03

IF the media had been doing their job, they would have been speaking to their audience by late December of LAST year.  They failed.  Terribly, terribly failed.

Even I posted here on PD about this virus last month.

I knew about it the second week of December, & my life has absolutely zero to do with the medical world.  So if little old nobody me knew, then the media that investigates & guides this nation unequivocalbly also knew.

I strongly disagree this virus shall fade away into the sunset come April. Or even with summer.  We are literally still dealing with components of the Spanish Flu from the beginning of the last century. This current corona virus, & the adjuncts connected with it, are very much here to stay and mutate.

Frankly, I occaionally cast my eye (no pun intended) to what they are actually potentially labeling as Disease X over in Ethiopia.  Look it up.


No matter what we are all going to die.  Simple fact of life.  I just hope you chose to live your life well, and with honor, before you come to your end





by Hundmutter on 17 March 2020 - 14:03

ThatWasClose - not only the media, but all our politicians, and health experts, surely ? - everyone ought to have been clamouring to get the word out, through 'social media' as much as TV, radio & the dead tree press, a good four months ago, as soon as any indication of this virus being on the march was available. If any of them have kept quiet on what they were hearing, for whatever reason, they should NOT have.



Allan55 : have PM'd you about double/triple posting.

by ThatWasClose on 17 March 2020 - 18:03

No, "four months ago" would have not been plausible for a general sound the alarm by the mass media/press. I stand by late December the big seven controlling mass media corporations should have started saying something, as it was then obvious enough we were heading toward things hitting the proverbial fan.  Supposedly, November (four months ago) is when patient zero was first thought to have been seen by medical staff in China; & BTW not in Wuhan.  It is entirely understandable those particular doctors that encountered patient zero were not versed in what they were seeing/dealing with.

Yes, the Government, in my not so humble opinion, should have taken a very different tact.  Though Government's, all around the world, quite often do not act as we mere plebeians would desire for, until they are literally demanded to by the press and/or the masses.  Then they often still donot take action in the directions we would like.  Such has been the case for time immortal.

There are so many deep factors involved with this entire debacle, directly and extraneous, that I find it all beyond great shame if not outright criminal against mankind.






by ThatWasClose on 20 March 2020 - 14:03

Allow me to further clarify my stance on this on all of this:

Absolutely do not assume and confuse my concerns & disdains as being merely biological.




by Hundmutter on 20 March 2020 - 16:03

Would not have dreamt of doing so.

GSD Admin (admin)

by GSD Admin on 20 March 2020 - 20:03

I do blame government. At least the US government. IMHO, when you stand up everyday and say no worries, like the flu, spring will kill it, it will just disappear and do nothing at the start, when time was of the essence, then no matter how much the media harps he is gonna do what he wants. While Trump was denying the facts and overtly lying, he was also saying fake news and attacking the media every moment he could so I don't buy your argument, sorry you are wrong. The media in fact has told us for years this was coming - see SARS, EBOLA and the like. Then top it off as starting in China where the media is a state puppet. So, information was slow coming out to begin with. So, your blame on the media is misguided at best. I like you knew about this probably before most because I follow lots of different types of information. Quit blaming the media unless you would like the media to be like Iran's, China's and the like. The blame falls directly on those running the show. Just like in any company.

by ThatWasClose on 20 March 2020 - 23:03

GSD Admin, where were you in sounding the alarm on all of this? You just stated you knew before most. Yet you waited until mid March to come on PD & basically start scathing in the vein of OMG we are all going to die, and implying it is all HIS fault?  That I too am at fault as I pointed a finger at the media.

What have you actually done besides show a form of hysteria?

How are you being conducive?

Any President is only as good as the information they are fed. They cannot be experts upon everything. They are barely more than propped up finger puppets paraded about for pomp & circumstance, the same as any regime.  President's do NOT run the show. . Surely you already knew this.  Though perhaps not, as seen by your choices of attacks. Is this President constantly being fed poor information about this, that & everything else?  Sometimes it sure does appear so to we mere chattel.

The national media used to be watchdogs & investigators for our American society. They are now little more than talking heads, reading scripts, regurgitating the exact same talking points.


This is all so much more than merely some virus that has been tinkered with.


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