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<span style="color: darkred">V</span> Ursus von der Waterkant <span style="color: darkblue">IPO3</span>
V Ursus von der Waterkant IPO3
Posted: 29 hours ago
by Lizandro Castanon
Ursus von der waterkant was really a nice looking dog and smart too. Excellent personality. I was very lucky and had the opportunity to choose and own the pick of the litter from his last breeding with the Dam Alisa Boghaus. I named him Grande Máximus. Good obedience, tracking,searching, protection, driive etc, in their bloodlines. He will look so much like Ursus von der Waterkant. 👍
Шикарный кобель. А где он сейчас находится и какие условия вязки?
King Ragnar <span style="color: darkblue">CGCU CGCA TKN</span>
Posted: 3 days ago
by Thornhill1230
Been cleared by veterinarian for breeding l,.mild changes in hips likely caused by environmental factors
Alex Wolf Rott in black
Alex Wolf Rott in black
Posted: 3 days ago
by zbigniewolubowicz
Kimbertal's Haley's Rain
Kimbertal's Haley's Rain
Posted: 4 days ago
by JacksonsKennelDobes

WS26159406 Kimbertal's Haley's Rain
(Doberman Pinscher)
Color: Black & Rust
Sex/Whelp Date: Female / MAY-01-2008
DNA Information:
<span style="color: darkred">INT CH, NCH</span> Tuvia Britton from Liparland <span style="color: darkblue">IPO1</span> by JacksonsKennelDobes
INT CH, IPO1, National CH
Britani SU
Britani SU
Posted: 5 days ago
by irma121969
Эта собака не является от этих родителей.
Gáborland Zafir <span style="color: darkblue">IPO-1</span>
Gáborland Zafir IPO-1
Posted: 7 days ago
by Bruck
Moved comment to Breed Report section, mrdarcy (mod)
AKC Name: Minda NorthBay QuantumLeap Kiss This
UKC Name: Minda Kiss This
Invelvet's Mistress of the Night by feistyjen477
Oct 9-11 2020- Idaho Capital City Kennel Club- Best of Breed
1 pt each day
Oct 11,2020- OHG3
AKC Name: Kumakura's Shogitai's Fade To Black
UKC Name: Kumakura Shogitais FadeToBlack
<span style="color: darkred">UKC CH</span> Spanglish's Hotter Than A Dime Store Pie by AkitaPedigrees
AKC Name: Spanglish's Hotter Than A Dime Store Pie
UKC Name: Hotter Than A Dime Store Piece
AKC Name: Dream Hi's Heart Breaker Dream Maker @ Squire
UKC Name: Dream Hi Heart Breaker @Squire
AKC Name: Dream Hi's Winchester's Champagne & Fyre
UKC Name: Dream Hi Champagne & Fyre
<span style="color: darkred">AKC GCH, UKC CH</span> Avalon O'Ryan's The Game Is Afoot <span style="color: darkblue">AOM</span> by AkitaPedigrees
AKC Name: Avalon O'Ryan's The Game Is Afoot
UKC Name: AvalonORyans The Game Is A Foot
<span style="color: darkred">UKC CH</span> After Midnight's The Viking Kotka At Tokuguay by AkitaPedigrees
AKC Name: After Midnight's The Viking Kotka At Tokuguay
UKC Name: AM's The Viking Kotka Tokuguay
AKC Name: Bear Claws Twin Blades Of Power
UKC Name: Unmei's Twin Blades Of Power
AKC Name: Tenshi's Tetsu No Otoko Tokuguay
UKC Name: Tetsu No Otoko Tokuguay-Unmei
<span style="color: darkred">AKC/UKC CH</span> Koti's She's S Vain <span style="color: darkblue">UKC Top Ten #4 2017</span> by AkitaPedigrees
AKC Name: Koti's She's S Vain
UKC Name: Koti's She's So Vain
AKC Name: Celestial Fyre Casta Jealousy Spell
UKC Name: Celestial Fyre Casta JealousySpel


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