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Fisher’s Rocky II10 months agoRottweiler
Looking for the breeder of these dogs10 months agoRottweiler
Pregnant and bleedng1 years agoRottweiler
Registration numbers1.8 years agoRottweiler
Hausers' Von Zeushaus kennels 1.8 years agoRottweiler
Looking for information on a bloodline2.4 years agoRottweiler
York v d Salamdertal or King v Schwaiger Wappen2.7 years agoRottweiler
Planned Breedings3.4 years agoRottweiler
wanting to buy a puppy3.6 years agoRottweiler
Am ch,Can.Ch CHUG CHUG CHOO CHOO wg 2911534.7 years agoRottweiler
How should I introduce a new adult Rottie female to the one I already have?4.8 years agoRottweiler
Pedigree details5.2 years agoRottweiler
Beware of Kimbertal in Pennsylvania 6.3 years agoRottweiler
rottweiler seller in Germany6.9 years agoRottweiler
Are these details true?8.1 years agoRottweiler
Anyone Know this dog?8.1 years agoRottweiler
Monaco Vom Zica Maradona semen8.2 years agoRottweiler
Buyer beware!!! BEREGA TURI Kennel - SICK DOG!!!!8.3 years agoRottweiler
HERCULES: Rottweiler stolen in Amsterdam on 19th of April 20128.5 years agoRottweiler

Sample photo gallery

Knut von der Mühlbachstrasse (aka Kanute) - Dog: Knut von der Mühlbachstrasse

Kanute 12-2-14 11 months oldKanute 7 months old Sunday, September 07, 2014Kanute 18 months old 08-16-15Kanute 19 months old 08-20-15Kanute 19 months old 08-20-15Kanute 21 months old21 months old21 months old21 months old21 months oldKanute playing with his new toy. Small pick-up tire 225/75 R1521 months old21 months old21 months old21 months old21 months oldClose-up photoClose-up photoClose-up photo


What is Schutzhund and IPO?

What is Schutzhund and IPO?

The origins of all training, such as Schutzhund or IPO, are based in Germany.  These training tests were developed as a primary method of producing top level German Shepherd Dogs.  They were geared to identify suitability of individual dogs for work in several formats

  • Questions to Ask a Breeder

    If you have decided on a breed of dog, then probably you have already done a decent amount of research about that particular breed’s characteristics, history, temperament, appearance and potential health problems. Then again, maybe you have selected a breed based on childhood memories of another dog or because a

  • Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?

    If you read the labels on the back of commercially-prepared dog food, at first glance it might appear as if they are well-fortified with all the nutrients a dog needs to stay healthy. But if you read a little more closely, you will soon realize that this kind of food is heavily laced with preservatives, additives and other kinds of 


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