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by ThatWasClose on 19 February 2020 - 00:02

Let's have fun with this Topic. :)


I have just decided my number one priority is a solid recall.

One of my dogs was just skunked, as he obviously ignored the recall.

Ah yes, the joys of living with dogs...


by TIG on 19 February 2020 - 01:02

White vinegar or massingill's douche Lmao

Ps I think it's the same as dogs that get quilled either they learn the 1st time or not at all . E collar refesher but of course critters are never there when u need them. ;)

Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 19 February 2020 - 04:02

Solid nerves / confidence

@ThatWasClose - Hahah, I think about that every time I come downstairs in the evening to take the dogs out back and I smell, even an ever so faint smell of skunk.

by GSCat on 19 February 2020 - 05:02

Tomato juice :-) Shower-temp hot water under decent pressure to rinse the dog after. Big fluffy cotton car washing mitt works well to apply/work tomato juice into fur down to the skin, and it's easy to wash after :-)

Wish puppies were born housebroken ;-)
In lieu of that, a dog that isn't "dirty," so he or she's much easier to housebreak.
Everything else will depend on why I want the dog and what I want the dog to do.



by Koots on 19 February 2020 - 09:02

Hydrogen peroxide solution works best for skunk smell.


I have never bought an older pup/dog, so what I look for in a pup with regard to recall is a certain amount of social attraction and wanting to be with people.   The rest of the recall is up to me to train.  ;)


by ThatWasClose on 19 February 2020 - 15:02

Stinky dog went to the dog cleaners this morning. I even left a big cash tip in advance for his wash lady.

The look on his bed buddy's face last night was priceless. "Nope, not sleeping with you!"

I tried the white vinegar last night. Greatly appreciate seeing the other suggestions & link.

Bought a couple of bottles of "Skunk-Off" (brand name.). They have a dog shampoo & another one for furniture, bedding & in the washing machine. I was told it took them an entire bottle of shampoo to de-skunk him. He is over 75 pounds.  Will report back how well it works in the washing machine.

Vick's under my nose helped to mask the smell through all of this.


by ThatWasClose on 21 February 2020 - 03:02

Skunk-Off brand does not get a yes vote from me. The dog still does have an odor, even after the professional shampooing. Not hideous, but it is still lingering.

As for laundry, I threw everything away.  Since the shampoo did not work well enough on the dog, I was not going to chance ruining/stinking up my washing machine with a product that may not fully work there either.


by Koots on 21 February 2020 - 09:02

I don't think anything removes ALL skunk odour. I have used the hydrogen peroxide solution several times and it is very effective, but a minimal odour still remains although it's not insufferable. With the hydrogen peroxide recipe, I use a lemon-scented dishwashing liquid to help dissipate the odour.


by TIG on 22 February 2020 - 14:02

A dog that chases neither skunks or porcupines ??

Me knock on wood haven't had either tho current girl dispatches possums so I wouldn't trust her around a skunk.

Re the white vinegar.  You can also set small open containers on the counters .Some suggest to boil it I never have. Leave out till it evaporates.  Will help dissipate lingering oders.

As stated  so far I've been lucky but friends swear by the Massingill douche.




by GSCat on 23 February 2020 - 14:02

The tomato juice I recommended worked on a German Shepherd, a Siberian Husky, my clothes, and ME :-)

The skunk was an invader, so between the two of them, the skunk, um, *disappeared.* Evidently good eating, as they even tried to lick the blood off the grass. Either that, or they wanted to eradicate any sign the skunk had been there so they could sucker another one in. Neither of them seemed to mind the smell or hesitate to go after other (later) skunks, so I don't think they learned what they should have (or what I would have liked them to have learned) from the encounter :-(



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